Location: Malaysia

Waltvest is a label sticker manufacturer in Malaysia. We specialize in providing premium quality sticker and label products for businesses of all sizes in Malaysia. From custom product labels to... Read More

ITS Interscience is a particle size analyzers distributor in Malaysia. Particle analyzers are used to determine the size and distribution of particles making up a material. Particle size analyzers are... Read More

ITS Interscience is a laboratory oven distributor in Malaysia. Whatever you want to perform: material tests, run complex experiments with highly sensitive loads, drying or tempering electronic components, our laboratory... Read More

Meika Foods is a sanck food manufacturer in Malaysia. The main products offered are coated chocolate, enrobed chocolate, heart-shape chocolate, Neapolitan bar, praline chocolate, snack crackers, and twin bar. We... Read More

Fairmont Industries is a wetpour rubber flooring in Japan. Wetour Rubber is an impact absorbing rubber surface most commonly used for school playground flooring and playground surfacing. Wetpour rubber surfaces... Read More

Newtica Interior is a venetian blinds manufacturer in Malaysia. Newtica Interior is a leading manufacturer and fabricator of custom window blinds and accessories and we have long been creating style... Read More

Lucky Frozen is a dairy products distributor in Malaysia. We specialize in a variety of premium imported cheese and dairy goods. We are one of the leading importers and distributors... Read More

Techno Furniture is an office cabinets manufacturer in Malaysia. These office cabinets are purposely designed to ensure file storage to be easily organisable. Our office cabinets are built with high... Read More

Techno Furniture Industries is an office furniture supplier in Malaysia. We are a a leading innovator and supplier in Malaysia of high quality office furniture systems, office chairs, office... Read More

Fairmont Industries is a poured rubber playground surface material manufacturer. The rubber playground surface material we manufacturer is customizable in shape and design. The pour-in-place method allows us to install... Read More