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Vertical Agitator used in the process of pulp & paper production in waste water treatment plant It also suitable for biogas production and metals & mining... Read More

Parason Horizontal Agitator are designed for all kind of fibers in chest, tanks and storage towers up to a consistency of 5% in the propeller area... Read More

The pulp stock introduced centrally into ring-type deflaker passes through the gap between the rotor and stator with teeth of each ring towards the outlet.... Read More

Conical construction of rotor & stator allows more area for deflaking as compared to other Deflakers. Get Conical type Deflakers for your paper mill today!... Read More

Rotating disc at high speed creates strong turbulence & hydrodynamic stock waves. Get Hole Type Deflaker with efficient power. To know more, click here... Read More

Trapmagni has large permanent magnet for more contact area hence improves removal efficiency. It has fast cleaning provision of tray over concealed magnet... Read More

Parason Confiner comes in modified design to increase the bonding potential of fibers with minimized freeness drop & minimum decrease of fiber length... Read More

Twin Disc Refiner offers maintenance-free working for years. Latest mechanism & most important the refiner plates bar design to suit specific applications... Read More

Subparts of Dispersion system make Mini Disperser. Ideal for small capacity manufacturing specialty paper. Easy installation & ready to use. Get FREE Quote"... Read More

Parason Hot Disperser System is designed to Disperse the specs & impurities (waxes, hot melt, stickies, bitumen, ink) contained in the waste paper pulp.... Read More