Zirconium Crucible (Zr Crucible) Supplier Singapore

Zirconium crucibles are preferable to melt metals than other crucibles. Zirconium crucible’s strength at high temperature makes it a better choice. Zirconium crucibles are cost effective too because the longevity is very high. It doesn’t require much care and doesn’t oxidise rapidly. Zirconium crucibles are highly resistant to corrosion from almost all acids.

Zirconium crucibles should not be used above 1800 °C. Zirconium crucibles have properties such as resistance to high temperature, stable, pure, high boiling point, making them apt for laboratory applications. There are various types of crucibles like low wall, high wall, middle wall, double layered, etc are available as per the demand.

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We also provide Zirconium Wires, Zirconium Rods and Tubes, and Zirconium substrates.

Key properties

High density
Melting point 1850 °C
Tensile strength
Low thermal expansion coefficient
Resistant to high temperature
Resistant to corrosion
High purity

Zirconium crucibles are fit for many applications, especially in laboratories. They are used: –

For fusions of sodium peroxide, sodium carbonate, and lithium salt fusions
In metallurgy industries
In chemical industries
For glass melting
In jewellery industry for gemstones purification