Why you should integrate your ERP with MarTech

In this article, we will dive deeper into why you should integrate your ERP with MarTech
1. Personalize by Providing customers with a unique shopping experience

Integrating ERP with MarTech fosters personalized service for potential consumers that is relevant, well-suited to individual needs, and perhaps even remembered by the targeted customers. This would yield MarTech systems the ERP data such as the audience segmentation based on what they have done before and preferences. After which, MarTech programs can customize their marketing messages to different groups of people. For example, users who show an interest in one product might be exposed to a number of related or relevant items in a personalized email campaign thus boosting the number of conversions. Not only CRM systems and ERP makes it possible to bring customer records to the core of the system’s view which results in a unified view of each customer and this 360-degree view serves as a base for launching relevant and personalized communication.

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