swing barrier gate entrance automatic

A swing gate barrier is a type of physical access control device used to regulate the flow of people or vehicles in and out of a secured area. Unlike flap barriers or boom barriers, which typically consist of rotating arms or poles, swing gate barriers operate by swinging open or closed on hinges, similar to a door. Swing gate barriers can also be used to control vehicle access at entry and exit points of parking lots, residential complexes, industrial sites, and other areas. https://www.novusapl.com/swing-barrier-gate.php

Swing Barrier Gate Entrance Automatic

A swing gate barrier, also known as a swing gate turnstile or swing barrier gate, is another type of access control mechanism commonly used in environments where there's a need to regulate pedestrian flow. Unlike flap barriers, which have rotating flaps, swing gate barriers consist of swinging panels or gates that block or allow passage. https://www.novusapl.com/swing-barrier-gate.php