Reiki Master Level Course In Rishikesh

Reiki Course In Rishikesh
India's center of study for Reiki courses is Rishikesh. Reiki Master Course, as well as Level I and II courses, are taught by Yogasth Vidyapeeth. Every day's Reiki classes last 90 minutes, including a period for introspection and self-practice. In addition to Reiki instruction, all Reiki courses incorporate pranayama, mantra chanting, basic meditation, and gentle yoga to enhance energy flow and cultivate awareness of the energy fields. At the conclusion of the Reiki courses, the Reiki Master gives each student a private initiation session that establishes a connection with the Reiki circle.

Reiki is a potent therapeutic technique in which the practitioner moves their hand over the patient's body to facilitate the passage of Reiki and release energy blockages. The practitioner's hands radiate warmth. By doing this, negative energy is eliminated and replaced with positive energy. And lastly, life proceeds in a wholesome and organic manner.