Phulara Ridge Trek Himalaya Shelter

Phulara Ridge Trek in Various Month

Spring (March-May) is wonderful for hiking among blossoming rhododendrons and lush vegetation. The weather is beautiful, with a bright sky and nice temperatures.

Summer (June-August): The voyage provides relief from the heat, with temperatures ranging from moderate to mild. However, monsoon rains may make traveling risky and difficult.

The most popular season for the walk is fall (September-November), which provides breathtaking vistas of the surrounding mountains. The weather remains relatively consistent, with low temperatures and minimal precipitation.

Winter (December-February): Best for experienced hikers, as snow-covered paths make it more challenging. The days are frigid, but the views of snow-covered peaks are breathtaking.

Overall, Phulara Ridge Trek provides a diversified experience all year, with each season having its own unique attraction.