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Htp sprayers | htp power sprayers

Perfect House pvt ltd HTP Sprayer is a petrol-operated heavy-duty ,These sprayers are used for spraying chemicals for plant protection and disinfecting and sanitizing large areas. Perfect House pvt ltd... Read More

Chainsaw | chainsaw buy online

A chainsaw is a mechanical tool used to cut wood with a set of teeth connected to a rotating chain. It is attached to a powerful 2.3 kw motor with... Read More

Brush Cutter agricultural machine

Brush cutter machine is used for agricultural purposes. It is used to trim unwanted plants in the field. We manufacture premium quality brush cutter machine. It is equipped with a... Read More

Agricultural equipment farming

There are various Agricultural equipment: HTP sprayer, knapsack power sprayer, Brush cutter, engine 4-stroke, battery sprayer, power reaper, and paddy weeder. This all equipment is used in different types of... Read More