Moon and Jupiter Conjunction – Chandra Guru Yuti

In astrology, Jupiter is the factor of knowledge and represents the temple, Vedas, Puranas, and scriptures. Jupiter Pradhan Jatak is knowledgeable. He understands the Vedas. Gajkesari Yog is formed by the combination of Moon and Jupiter, it is a kind of excellent Rajyog due to which the person becomes highly intelligent, serious, and knowledgeable of mantras. If this Yog is present in the Kundali of a woman, then the husband of such a woman is very rich and talented. She always gets the happiness of her husband. Her husband never has any shortage of money. Such a person will be a very good teacher, the one whose Jupiter is good is a natural teacher. If the quality of Moon comes in him, then such a person is a high-class speaker. If there is a connection between speech and emotion, then that person will have lakhs of listeners. Whatever he writes, people read it seriously.