Media companies in Nigeria – Pulse Africa

If you run a business anywhere you must already know that traditional and digital media are important prongs in your marketing strategy, because you can leverage them to distribute important company, sales and marketing information about your business, helping you to achieve business goals. This is why you need a media company.

A media company is involved in creating content with professional editors and writers and periodically publishing its content bundles to the general public. A traditional media company would publish physical newspapers or magazines and distribute them through a network of stores or vendors around a geographic area, while a digital media company would publish digital content (like blog posts) usually to a website, where users can consume the information.

The media industry also contains other forms of media content like video, audio, graphic, art, etc.

The context of this article will focus on the digital media company whose activities benefit businesses looking to connect with its audience.

Media companies in Nigeria, as with everywhere else, have been integral to the establishment and success of businesses of all sizes. They help to distribute announcements and advertisements through traditional means, but also to create and distribute digital content, video advertisements, press releases, etc. Smaller businesses need media companies to help them attract new customers, and as they grow to become larger corporations, they need media companies to build and reiterate the brand image and what they want to be known for, which ultimately drives more customers to the corporation.

One of them is Pulse. Pulse helps businesses in 6 different African countries to connect to their desired audience and reach new customers through content creation, social media distribution and video production.