Industrial Sensor Manufacturer | Aeron

Aeron Automation is a reputable brand in the sensor manufacturer industry. Our area of expertise is creating a broad variety of industrial sensor manufacturer that are made to satisfy the demanding specifications of contemporary industries. Aeron is Authorized Channel Partner for Delta Electronics, Autonics & Rotomotive. Delta is an MNC having their HO in Taiwan and has wide automation product range such as CNC, PLC, HMI, Servo systems, SCARA & Articulated Robots, VFDs, Laser sensors, Photo Sensors, Power Supplies etc. Aeron deal in their complete product range & provide technical support for all these products. Autonics is another MNC which has broad range of Sensors, Encoders, Temperature controllers, Recorders etc. Rotomotive is a joint venture of Motive Europe in India and manufacture wide range of Induction Motors & Gear Boxes required for multiple applications ranging from Machine Tools to Pumps & cranes.