Gudi Padwa 2023: When is it? Know the Date and Time of Worship

Gudi Padwa 2023 is the celebration of the Maharashtrian New Year. In the South Indian states, this day is celebrate as the harvest day which marks the beginning of the spring season.
The day is celebrate all over India but with different names, cultural beliefs and celebrations. Various rituals are perform on this day which starts at sunrise and continues throughout the day.
This regional Indian holiday is the Traditional New Year for Marathi Hindus. It also marks the beginning of the civil year among Hindus, especially in the central Indian states of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.
Gudi Padwa, also known as Gudi Padva, is celebrate on the first day of Chaitra. This means that it usually falls in late March or early April in the Gregorian calendar and is usually held on the same day as Cheti Chand in Gujarat and Ugadi, celebrate as the Telugu and Kannada New Year in the Deccan region of India.