Fated to Love You (Chasing the Comet Book 1)

"Cassandra Steel’s passion for science opens doors to an incredible opportunity—a study abroad program in Colombia’s Amazon Rainforest. Still reeling from a devastating breakup, Cassie throws herself into research, convinced that love is not in the cards. However, fate has other plans.

Enter Zhang Xuan, a captivating fellow scientist who unexpectedly captures Cassie’s heart. As they begin to explore their feelings for each other, they are forced to confront the harsh reality that their time together may be limited.

With their time abroad coming to an end, Cassie undertakes a final humanitarian project, delivering school supplies to local children. But tragedy strikes when a devastating mudslide hits. Against all odds, Cassie and Xuan cling to the hope that their connection is more than mere chance—a result of a powerful twist of fate.

Join Cassie and Zhang on a journey of true love, blazing as fiercely as the stars, as they navigate the complexities of destiny and defy the odds that stand in their way."