Europort 2025 Ahoy Rotterdam, Netherlands

Europort is indeed a significant biennial maritime and offshore trade exhibition held in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Organized by Ahoy Rotterdam, it stands out as one of the premier events in its category. The upcoming edition of Europort is scheduled for November 04 to 07, 2025, and it will be hosted at the Ahoy Rotterdam convention center.

This international event is anticipated to draw in a diverse audience, including shipbuilders, suppliers, and professionals from the maritime and offshore sectors worldwide. Attendees can look forward to exploring a vast array of products and services covering various aspects of these industries. The exhibition will encompass shipbuilding, repair, and maintenance, as well as highlight advancements in propulsion, navigation, communication, and safety equipment.

Europort 2025 is poised to feature numerous exhibitors from around the globe, providing a platform for them to showcase the latest innovations and technologies within the maritime and offshore domains. It’s an excellent opportunity for industry stakeholders to stay abreast of developments, network with peers, and explore potential collaborations.