Ethical Reflection and Self-Discipline in Modern Hinduism | HUA

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The thinkers and architects of modern India were instrumental in shaping the country's trajectory post-independence. Their perspectives on Hinduism and Indian civilization deeply influenced their vision for a new India. They initiated projects aimed at reform, modernization, and social change, addressing issues such as caste discrimination and social inequality. Through their writings and activism, they articulated a vision of Hinduism that embraced modernity while preserving cultural heritage.

In the Readings in Modern Hinduism course, we delve into the works of these thinkers, examining their dialogues with Western scholars and their contributions to reform movements like Brahmo Samaj and Arya Samaj. We explore how they redefined Hindu identity, emphasizing ethical reflection and nationalistic sentiments. By contrasting traditional and modern interpretations of Hinduism, students gain insights into the evolving religious and cultural landscape of modern India.