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At East Side Ventilation commercial department,we offer a complete range of mechanical and forced air dust collection equipment to meet all specific needs of your transformation process.
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Dust Collection Systems Winnipeg
We are very knowledgeable in all your dust collection needs. We are able to design and size your dust collection system as well as choose the right dust collector that best suits your application.
We are constantly doing service work on dust collection systems at the large window and kitchen cabinet plants in the city, and we would be happy to do your service work also. And these dust systems can be used not only for commercial industries but also for in-home woodworking and related projects. We offer a complete range of mechanical and forced-air dust collection equipment, both simple and highly efficient, to meet the specific needs of your transformation process. The advanced design ensures you get the best performance in terms of production efficiency.
THE SELECTION CRITERIA FOR A DUST COLLECTOR INCLUDE: Product to filter: Concentration, Grain size, Abrasion, Corrosive agents, Air volume, Gas temperature and humidity,
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