Dental OPG Centre in Mohali – Deep

Deep Dental OPG Centre in Mohali, a dental imaging facility par excellence, emerges as a prudent choice for all the concerned individuals. Situated in the locale of Mohali, our institute is set out to offer full-scale panoramic radiography by highly advanced technology and superlative patient-focused care.

As soon as you enter our outpatient clinic center, you will be greeted with a welcoming ambience that was set up with your comfort and convenience in mind. Our modern, and particularly, panoramic X-ray invention, covering the whole oral cavity area, is being used for precise diagnostics and treatment planning.

The unique feature of our kind service is that we consider each patient individually. We have a dedicated staff team which strives to provide personalized treatment and empathize patients during their visit. We are committed to safety and we implement stringent hygiene policies so the well-being of our patients as well as staff members is ensured.