Cascading Style Sheets – Link by quipoin

In CSS, links can be styled by using various properties to control their appearance.

Links typically include three states: unvisited, visited, and hover. Here's how you can style links using CSS

Unvisited Links:

To style links that haven't been visited yet, use the: link pseudo-class.

You can set properties such as color, text-decoration, and font-weight to customize the link's appearance.

Visited Links:

To style links that have been visited, use the: visited pseudo-class. Keep in mind that browser security measures limit the styling of visited links to maintain user privacy. You can't change properties like color, but you can modify properties such as text-decoration and font-weight.

Hover and Active Links:

To style links when a user hovers over them or when they are actively clicked, use the: hover and: active pseudo-classes, respectively.

This allows you to create visual feedback for users.