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TrafficJunky Accounts Information of Our TrafficJunky Accounts We can provide you with a fully verified TrafficJunky advertiser account. It's completely operational and ready to go. You can start running campaigns right now. The account was verified with a virtual credit card. The account has a credit balance of $25. It is supported in every country. It includes a billing address that has been validated. For utmost security, recovery information has been supplied. There are no previous transactional records for this account. The method of payment has been introduced. All of the information provided by the accounts is true and accurate. To create the account, real and unique IP addresses were used. We offer a 48-hour replacement guarantee. Matters You Are Going to Get You will have complete control over the account. You will be given the login credentials. Information on how to recover will also be provided. You'll be provided instructions on how to administer the account and create safe campaigns. Finally, you will have access to our dedicated customer service.