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The Metal hardness tester is a big supplier in India and that provides the best quality of UCI hardness tester. UCI portable hardness tester is intended for quick measuring of... Read More

The portable LIBS lIS-01 metal spectrometer measures carbon and other elements in the air without argon gas. It gives the result in a second. It is an advanced technology laser-based... Read More

RiM LaS is an exclusive distributor for online LIBS spectrometer LIS-P in India. Inline laser analyzer LIS-P is designed for non-contact continuous monitoring of the chemical composition of solids in... Read More

All basic types of metals and alloys without additional calibrations (structural, tool, corrosion-proof, heat-proof, non-corrosive steels and alloys as well as alloys of nonferrous metals, cast iron, aluminium, bronze, brass).Items... Read More